SIDIT's grant funding for fiscal 2016/2017 has been fully subscribed. No new grant applications will be accepted until SIDIT enters its next fiscal period commencing April 1, 2017 (fiscal 2017/2018). Grant funding for fiscal 2017/2018 will be determined based on net earnings from market investments and development initiatives.

The SIDIT grant program provides non-repayable funding for municipalities, regional districts, First Nations, registered non-profit societies, institutions, and industry associations to support regionally strategic investments in economic development projects that will have long-lasting and measurable regional benefits for the Southern Interior.  Please note that proposals from private interests do not qualify for grants.  Private interests include all forms of business ownership such as corporations, partnerships, joint ventures and sole proprietorships.

Strategic Priorities

The following were identified as the strategic priorities that will be considered by the SIDIT Board of Directors in their review of grant project proposals.

  • Contribution towards economic sustainability of small communities
  • Regional impact
  • Realistic measurement criteria established to assess project outputs
  • Job creation, job preservation, or enhancement
  • Economic diversification
  • Leveraging other funds (It is expected that projects supported by SIDIT will have a minimum of matching funds invested by either the project proponent or other parties)
  • Filling funding gaps
  • Avoiding overlap and duplication
  • Economic merit
  • Research and Development leading to commercialization
  • Strategic initiatives
  • Ensuring geographic sensitivity in the disbursement of SIDIT funds

Apply For Funding

Prior to submitting an application for funding, please review the Application Guidelines and the Trust’s Strategic Plan.  Please note that only complete Application Forms will be accepted.

Complete Application Forms with all required attachments should be provided electronically to SIDIT by email.  

Note to Mac users: please make sure to fill the application form in Adobe Reader and not Preview.



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